Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thursday Again

Every week, like clockwork, Thursday comes the day after Wednesday and it seems that every week I'm surprised by it - like Thursday snuck up on me. In related news, my coworkers laughed HYSTERICALLY when in response to a question about the day of the week I said "Its Tuesday all day today." While I remember saying this a lot as a child (yes, I was an annoying child!) but none of my coworkers had ever heard it before. Much to my befuddlement it has added to my reputation at work for being hilarious. I don't quite get it...

Anyways, the fact that it is Thursday means it's time for a TILT, so here are a few things I'm loving this week!

- the weather! I love the cooler weather. I love snuggling up in fleecy pjs under warm blankets to sleep. And the sun yesterday let me do two loads of laundry and make a dent in the mountain in my front hall (my tent and other camping things were covering all available indoor surfaces so I had to wait for a break in the rain).

- raspberry affogado donut at Andonand (upscale cousin of Misdo). Yum! Seriously sinful and yummy. A chocolatey donut drowning in a whip cream-y sauce then drizzles with a slightly tart raspberry sauce.... mmm!

- hearing from my advisor. I had been feeling bad about not being in touch with him for so long, and was wondering how best to go about getting in touch with him when I got a call from him yesterday evening - a friend of his sent some fresh venison so my advisor is calling all his old students for a venison party! Yay!

What are you loving today?

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