Thursday, 14 October 2010

Short week TILT

With the event running through the long weekend and me taking Tuesday off to recuperate, my work week is only two days old and already it's Thursday. What's not to love?!

As for the event... it was exhausting - I got a normal amount of sleep each night but was so busy during the day that I had to miss a few meals and just generally stay on full "go" for the entire day. But, exhaustion aside, it was a lot of fun! An amazing event to be a part of. Official sources say we had over 6000 people over the course of the three days, and I'm pretty sure that just about every one of them came into the World Centre room we were running. Our photocopied handouts had to be strictly rationed but we still ran out. We sold out of some of our goods (with our very cute elephant logo - still a few tote bags and badges, get yours while they last!). I saw old friends. I networked. I made new friends. I missed an opportunity to meet the Empress. But mostly it was just a very powerful reminder of the incredibeness that is the movement Lord Baden Powell started 100 years ago.

Besides that, well I love U who came all the way out to pick us and all our luggage at the end of the event, to drive us to another event , a final reception we had to run. He then dropped my exhausted fellow organizer at her place and took me home, telling me to go to bed because I had "dead fish eyes." (just what every girl wants to hear, eh?!).

I'm loving the cooler weather and having weekend plans for the next few weeks, and honestly I'm just nerd enough that I am starting to love the challenge I've set for myself over the next few months!


  1. Hah! Dead fish eyes must be a common saying because when I was an ALT that was the nickname one of my teachers had for a 2nd grade student (senior high) who was particularly vacant. What is it in Japanese? I've tried to remember for ages and S is never much help with stuff like that.

    Glad it all went well - hope you're fully recovered and hungry on Sat!

  2. The comment U made was to tell me I had「死んだ魚の目」. I had never heard it before... but I suppose it is a good thing it isn't just a U expression?

    Looking forward to Saturday!!

  3. It's a terrible phrase, and terribly accurate for the eyes of someone who is overly tired! Looks like you all put on a great event. Now enjoy the cooler weather! love, C