Wednesday, 16 June 2010

WordFUL Wednesday

A number of times over the past few weeks I've wanted to take pictures of a certain scene but for one reason or another I didn't or couldn't. So my descriptions will have to do instead. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but does that mean I have to write a thousand words to equal a picture?


One morning I left for work in the rain. I was cursing my choice of footwear as I could tell my feet would be soaked by the time I got to work. Across the street I could see a woman much better prepared for the weather - rainboots, waterproof pants, raincoat (with the hood pulled tight and only half of her face showing), large umbrella (a little overkill given her full-body getup), and hose...

Wait a second! HOSE?! whaa?!

It was pouring rain, this lady was all decked out in rain gear and yet she appeared to be randomly washing the sidewalk.

I didn't know whethei to worry that she might be cleaning up some toxic substance or be annoyed at her pointless waste of water!


Taking the train home after work I often find myself standing at the doors, looking through the glass at the city as it speeds by. Sort of like the movie 'Shall We Dance?' (I pass a dance studio too)

The otherday I saw a little old lady immaculately dressed in a kimono - sitting by herself in McDonalds.



  1. Great descriptions! I wonder if that rain-geared woman was just rule-following - washing the sidewalk, rain or shine, because that's her job? Maybe when you're a little old lady, you should be able to eat at McDonald's as much as you want. But not before! love and hugs, C

  2. Heh, I would have wanted to take a picture of hose lady too... I wonder what needed to be washed away so quickly that she couldn't entrust the job to the rain?

  3. You didn't need a camera.

    Both pictures are clearly etched into my brain.

    I love kimonos in strange places

  4. Cath - I walk by the spot (normally on the opposite side of the street) where the lady was washing the sidewalk everyday, normally about the same time every morning, on my way to the train station. I have never, either rain or shine, seen her out there washing the sidewalk before or since.

    Umebossy - I probably could have taken a picture of her as I was across the street, but it was raining and I had a train I had to rush to catch... Sigh!

    Achan - I love kimono in strange places too! I had actually seen a woman in kimono in a coffee shop window, and that made me smile, then a few seconds later the second woman in the McDonalds, which amused me even more!