Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thursday already?!

Seriously, its Thursday already? wow. Its been a busy week for me. After attending a Girl Scout meeting most of Saturday and helping out with a museum studies conference all day Sunday, my work week started again and I worked a regular Monday and Tuesday, before meeting my advisor and the first international guest for his upcoming international symposium for a dinner meeting on Tuesday and then playing tour guide allllll day on Wednesday. Today I was back at the museum again and tomorrow I am tour guiding again before the symposium starts and I spend the entire weekend with that.

So this Thursday, while I'm loving being helpful and useful (my advisor and all the guests have been very appreciative to have a native English speaker/translator/local guide) I'm tired and looking forward to having a couple of days off - next weekend, when U has promised me a soak in an onsen (after I go car shopping with him - his old car started making worrying noises and will cost way more than it is worth to fix).

So plenty to look forward to!

Oh, and one more thing I'm loving this Thursday - dish soap! It turns out that pouring dish soap on a cockroach found in your sink will work just as well to immobilize and kill it as the leading roach-be-dead spray, with a lot less nasty chemicals all over your sink and dirty dishes!

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  1. Hope you're looking forward to a happy post-Canada Day relaxing weekend! love and hugs,