Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bookcase Tour Tuesday - Doll Festival

With the Doll's Festival a few days away I figured I should choose a doll-themed catalogue for this week.

This catalogue was printed by the Shibusawa Memorial Museum for their Doll Festival Exhibit last year. It is small, only about 20 cms square, and slim, only 25 pages, but it has gorgeous photography. The dolls and their various possessions are presented in stunning colour and accompanied by exerpts from the diaries of the dolls owners.


  1. I love the expressions on their faces!

    Every year we try and see an exhibition for girls day. It is a little difficult around here because there is no big city nearby but we have seen some beautiful dolls.

    BTW My mum asked if you would like to do a Guide badge swap. This year is 100? 90? years of guiding in Australia. My mum is a member of Trefoil Guild and is organising some for her British friends and asked if I knew any Japanese guides-um sort of was my reply!! If you're interested let me know

  2. Beautiful! The first and last pages are so moody and I just adore that last little doll. Happy Hinamatsuri for tomorrow!

    I hope you had/are having a great time back in Canada!

  3. Achan - just let me know what you/your mom want me to do! This year is the 90th anniversary of GS in Japan, and the 100th of Guiding in general, as well as in Canada, so there are lots of celebrations happening. I was on the planning committee here for a while, but then life got too busy. I might be able to snag an extra badge or two here, but Japanese GS aren't quite so badge crazy as some other countries.

  4. Melanie - I love the photography in this catalogue, it is so different from the basic images used more normally. I had a really hard time choosing which pages to share!

  5. Sarah-I didn't realise that the Japanese guides aren't really into badges, I thought that was a guiding tradition!!

    Mum just thought we could exchange a memorial cloth badge. If you could get some that would be great, if not don't worry. Mum will swap with you but I would also love one for my blanket if you can get one (I'll pay for it). She'll send me some soon. Australia must be 100 years then

  6. Achan - sounds good! I will do my best to get a stash of the 90th badges, although I had heard a rumour they might only be handed out to people who actually participated in one of the celebratory events. I'll try to get some of the Canadian 100th badges too, would you and your mom be interested in those too?

    I haven't quite figured out the response to badges here, but it does seem to be lukewarm. That said, my absolute favourite badge ever was one I received from a Japanese scout at a troop I visited. The meeting ended and the girls all headed home with badges and stickers from me, one girl's mother dug a few old badges out from somewhere and sent her daughter all the way back to give them to me. The badges were at least 30 years old, and gorgeous. I was worried about accepting what seemed to me like a very valuable gift, but it didn't seem the girl or her mother cared about the badges either way!!