Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More Miso!

After reading the round up for the Washoku Warriors' Miso Challenge I decided I was going to have try a few more recipes - namely the Miso-Marinated Broiled Fish and Poached Peaches in Lemon-Ginger Miso Sauce.

U was down for most of the 5-day weekend (National holidays fell on both of Monday (Respect for the Aged Day) and Wednesday (First Day of Fall) which made Tuesday a generic holiday, giving us what has been dubbed "Silver Week" (both in respect to the "Silvers" and because the big holiday in May is known as Golden Week)) and was as eager as me to try a few more miso recipes.

Unfortunately the big grocery store we went to didn't have fresh peaches (we ended up having to settle for canned peaches with ice cream... yummy but not quite the same!)I will have to wait for peach season, but with all the rave reviews (Coraa, and Sassy Chronicles) I will have to try them sometime!

We did, however, of course find a large selection of fresh fish. U wanted to try a white fish, but I insisted on salmon (he later freely admitted that the salmon had been the right choice). We mixed up the marinade as soon as we got home and put the fish in the fridge. We had planned to eat it the next day, but in the end it got an extra day and a half of marinating and so the fish was deliciously flavourful. The salmon and sweet saikyo miso and lemon were a such a wonderful match! But the best part?

Was that I didn't do any of the cooking!! Classes start up again tomorrow after the summer holidays, and I have a project due on Friday that isn't quite done (lets blog... can you say procrastination?!) So U offered to make dinner. He boiled the komatsuna greens and prepared the ohitashi (Andoh calls spinach ohitashi "spinach steeped in broth"). He made tofu and nameko mushroom miso soup. He grilled the fish. He then plated everything and brought it to the table. All I had to do was take the pictures -

and then eat - YUM!

Oh, and it gets better! As we tucked in to the meal and I was gushing about how good it all was and how great it was of him to cook for me, he remarked that cooking was fun and he'd like to try his hand at a more complicated dish next time. I immediately offered to be his guinea pig!


  1. Lucky you! The meal looks fantastic, and the Penguin placemat is really you! I know from experience that you are an excellent guinea pig - looking forward to seeing the next experiment! love and hugs, C

  2. I won the penguin placemat from JR - it includes their spokes-character, the Suica Penguin. Makes me giggle!