Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Falling for Miso

As I mentioned in the last post, this month's Washoku Warriors challenge is miso. As part of the challenge, U and I made three different miso-based sauces, one of which made a delicious dressing for chilled Chinese noodle salad (hiyashi chuka). The other two, the pungent red miso and citrusy miso sauces were for Fall Fruits with Flavored Miso Sauce.

The recipe calls for persimmons, figs, apples, and nashi (Japanese apple pears) to be combined with two miso-based savoury sauces. I was a bit worried about the pairing - miso and sweet fruit?! I'm not a persimmon fan, so decide to skip them. I've never bought fresh figs before and unfortunately most of the box I chose were over-ripe and mushy. The apple and nashi, however, were a success. The apple paired well with the citrusy sweetness of the paler sauce, and the nashi with the darker and more savoury red sauce. My friend, not a big sweet fan, was very happy with my desert, and declared it was a great way to end a meal.


  1. Amazing how miso adapts and changes depending on how you use it don't you think?

  2. It really is amazing how well miso goes with so many different things. This challenge really challenged the way I look at miso. THANK YOU!!