Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Manners Schmanners

Tokyo Metro has apparently decided to continue on with their "Please do it..." series.

Meh... No comment...


The Tobu's fairy tale themed manner poster had me at a loss. I couldn't figure out the story behind the picture. A guy with a crown and huge brown ears, two old-fashioned looking elderly train passengers, and a guy with a work apron and... scissors?! Was he going to chop off the big ears of the guy who was being rude and talking on his phone on the train? That seemed a little gory for me and for the polite company of elderly passengers who frequent the train I ride. What do you think?

The poster reads "Dear Prince, your conversation while riding the train is more noticeable than your donkey ears."

I was intrigued, so I turned to my good friend Google and in put "donkey ear" thankfully everything I came up with was clean, but nothing looked promising. So I switched languages and after a few clicks found a Japanese site of Aesop's fables, listing one that roughly translates as "The Kings Ears are Donkey Ears." A few more clicks and I found this, a animated version of "The Ears of King Midas."

The Internet is a wonderful thing!

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