Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Blanket Lady Striketh Again

The wife of a good friend from grad school had a baby boy last month, so I spent most of March largely ignoring my thesis to knit the new little one a blanket. While it turned out much smaller than I had hoped (I used cotton while the pattern called for a heavier weight acrylic), I am still left wishing that my thesis would turn out even half so pretty! This time around, instead of a knitted border (just the thought of having to pick up all those stitches was enough to give me nightmares) I decided to stitch on a ribbon. I like the silky-ness, and it had the added bonus of hiding all the yarn ends and saving me from massive amounts of weaving in yarn ends - yay!

Every stitch of the blanket was made with the hope that the little one will grow up with the same sense of humour, the same kindness, and the same intelligence as his proud papa.


  1. Thanks Melanie!

    I'm kind of hoping there aren't any more babies for me to knit for in the immediate future, as I don't really have time for another big project, but I did get some beautiful red baby cashmerino for a birthday present... It would make a lovely lacy blanket, or even better a cute little sweater...