Sunday, 5 October 2008


I signed (or rather "stamped") the contract for my new place today. Very exciting!

While I probably won't move until next weekend, since I got my keys today, I figured I should go and see my new digs. It was dinner time so I picked myself up some dinner and headed "home."

I found the place without difficulty and let myself in. As I was looking around, however, I discovered that a squatter had moved in. I sat down to dinner and had a chat with George. I kindly offered George a few days to pack up his things but my landlord, who showed up a few minutes later, was not willing to let George live rent free for even a few days. So poor George was treated to a couple of shots of roach-be-gone and then squashed with a wad of toilet paper.

I'm hoping George doesn't have too many family members - I am looking forward to living on my own again!

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  1. Hilarious!!! I thought George was a person, until the 'roach-be-gone' comment. I guess the good thing about bugs is that we're never alone! Congratulations! The apt looks lovely. I'm sure you'll love making it your own. Good luck with the move - hope it all goes smoothly. love and hugs, Cath