Friday, 24 October 2008

Moved - NFA

I've moved. So my address has changed. The Japanese post office makes it easy, providing a year of mail forwarding for free. Changing my bank and postal savings accounts were easy. Changing my internet required phone calls to 3 separate companies. At work I had to submit one form for my address chang and one for a change in my train fare to work (almost all Japanese companies provide transportation compensation, as do many volunteer positions). Changing my address at school is proving to be a lot of footwork.


Welcome to Japan, technological heaven, home to electric toilets and... paper forms? Yeah. Even 10 years ago at my first NA university all I would have done is log on to the uni's website and change my address. Now? Well I walked into the grad office and filled out an address change form and another one for a change on my student card for my train pass. Then I went to the international office where they dug out my form, and had me write my new address in the provided blank. Then, since I'm a TA, I had to go to the certificate office so my pay slips would reach me. Each time I ask I discover there is somewhere else I need to go so I'm sure I've missed an office or two...

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