Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Scarf Update

I know you were all worried about my blue scarf and hat, and how they were missing Japan. Any doubts that they'll miss the urban sprawl that is Tokyo after this?!

I may have yarn for four other projects, but now that my first scarf set is no longer missing me I felt it was time to go to the yarn store so that I wasn't missing it either...

This is destined to be a surprise gift for a friend here in Tokyo... I've already cast it on, lengthwise on circular needles. It is an easy knit, which is kinda nice right now.

As for finished projects... The first was a very simple scarf to make, but great fun. The wool, Noro Silk Garden, jumped out at me as the perfect colours for my friend / tutor / sempai (student senior to me). The colours are gorgeous - blue/purple, pink, green, yellow, and beige. Following a simple pattern, the self-striping Noro is combined with a solid contrasting colour (chocolate brown in this case).

It may seem simple, but watching each colour come up and seeing how it changed and added to the scarf was really great fun. The scarf made it in time for the last bit of winter, and will be warming her neck on her early morning commute to her new job.

Doesn't she look happy?!

Rather more complicated and time consuming was this pink scarf for a coworker / friend. Made even more time-consuming as I had to frog back three times - once with nearly half the scarf done! Once I got the hang of the multiple patterns, however, I really enjoyed watching this one develop.

The day I took the scarf in to work, my friend wasn't there. I left the scarf on her desk, but with most of the female staff eyeing it I wasn't sure it would still be on her desk the next morning! This is the photo she sent me taken on her cell phone...

Since a number of people saw me put it on her desk, I now have a whole bunch more people wanting scarves... Not that that is a bad thing, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to finish before next winter, and I'm certainly not going to be able to graduate to a sweater as I had been contemplating!

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  1. Hi Sarah

    I enjoy reading your blog - your daily happenings and the knitting news. Scarves are great to knit - just when you start to get sick of the design or the colour they are finished! I am just finishing a cardigan with moss stitch - it will be a very long time before I knit that stitch again! One sleeve left to do.....
    luv Sharon
    ps.I have a chart on my wall in the kitchen that explains cousin connections (something your Mom and I would seem to discuss at family gatherings) you and I are first cousins once removed, you and Margaret are second cousins.
    Just a tidbit for you