Friday, 14 March 2008

Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork!

I submitted my first round of paperwork for my scholarship to the Japanese consulate in Vancouver two years ago now. I submitted much of the same paperwork to my university the first time a few months later. When I entered the university last April as a research student I had to resubmit most of that paperwork. My fourth round of paperwork came in the summer when I applied to the MA program and sat the entrance exams. Having passed my exams I am currently in the fifth round of paperwork - in preparation for being a full student as of this April. Round six will be starting in a few weeks - when I will get my student card and sign up for classes. The amount of trees I have gone through is quite incredible, especially since each time I have to submit many of the same documents (copies of my passport, official copies of my foreign registration, transcripts...). My history creates even more of a paper trail, since I attended three universities during undergrad, two high schools, one middle school (for only 4 months), and four elementary schools. Japanese forms invariably include a table for this information to be supplied, but only offer space for one of each school. Add to that the fact that although I am entering an MA program, I already have an MA...

I had to submit a different set of paperwork in December in regards to my scholarship. It was originally for two years, but since I will be starting a two year program this April, I applied to have my funding extended by one year. I am happy to report that this application has been accepted, and the Japanese government will be paying for me to complete my MA. Yay!

I also had to submit some paperwork (and still have more to submit in the next week or so) to the personnel department. My advisor has asked me to be the TA for the hands-on portion of the 4th year final curatorial certificate course. The students learn how to properly handle and care for traditional objects (hanging scrolls, picture scrolls, tea bowls...), and how to pack objects (see my blog post about that here). My role will not be to teach directly (thank goodness!), but to assist the professors, guide the students through the hands-on portions, and help with set-up and clean-up. I am a little unsure about being a TA for this course, as I sat in on the class this past year and will be taking it come April, but my advisor says he sees no problems. I am, however, very excited about this challenge must admit I am also feeling a borderline diabolical anticipation of the shock the undergrads will have when they find out their TA is a foreigner... tee hee!!

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  1. Congrats on the TAship!! I'm sure that will really surprise the students - great stuff!