Monday, 2 December 2013


After work one day last week I braved the chilly Tokyo evening, hordes of old men with big cameras and tripods, and young couples with women tripping along in completely useless high-heeled "booties." A pretty little Japanese garden by day, Rikugien does a evening light-up during fall foliage season (and sells yummy grilled rice cake dango with sweet miso or soy sauce... mmmmmm!)

Without a tripod, and not wanting to stop traffic by setting up such equipment even if I had it, most of my pictures turned into fuzzy blobs of bright colour, but the light up is beautiful and the garden well worth a visit at night, or during the day.

You start with a view of the lake with buildings and trees lit up on the opposite side

Then walk along lit and semi-lit paths through the forest

Some trees were lit up from below. 

And the stream that used to flow through the garden was brought back through undulating blue lights.

But the best view was one ignored by most visitors - a Japanese maple at the height of its fall glory was a blaze of red and orange, tucked into a corner beside the outhouses by the entrance. Not a single extra-large lens and tripod toting ojisan in sight!


  1. You went! :D I once again didn't make it, not even during the day, but it was lekker to go on a virtual visit with you. That tree in your final photo? I know that tree! ^^

    PS: The booties. Oh, dear, the booties ...

    1. It really was beautiful, and worth the crowds! (Although I did go on a Tuesday evening, so it wasn't prime date time) And the shoyu dango were doubly worth it!

      It is a beautiful tree, eh?

      I just don't get the booties. How are they winter wear?! Why?