Monday, 7 October 2013


After feeling crappy and thus spending most of last week home from work (or working from home), I needed to work most of the weekend to catch up. But U and I were able to escape work duties for a few hours Sunday afternoon to go and pick up our rings!

We had the (very proper Japanese) store clerk giggling at us as neither of us could stop admiring the diamond on my engagement ring. And with good reason not only is it a gorgeously simple ring, but we managed to track down a Canadian diamond!

The idea of a Canadian diamond was a passing thought at the start of us choosing our rings, a passing thought that gradually became important to both of us - having a little piece of Canada here in Japan. It wasn't easy, we only found one store nearby that sold Canadian diamonds, they only had three stones in stock, and by the time we went in to buy the diamond the store no was no longer a registered dealer of Canadian stones which mean that they could sell us the diamond (with all the registration paperwork) but could no longer advertise as sellers of Canadian diamonds. 

We took the diamond to a different store, K. Uno in Motomachi Yokohama, where we had both fallen in love with a ring design for our wedding bands (and a matching engagement ring). They were friendly, supportive, and offered just the right amount of design suggestions in customizing our rings. And we are thrilled! I had U put my engagement ring on my finger immediately and am still stopping to admire it now, a ful day later. And U keeps asking me if he can wear his wedding band for a day or two, just to "try it out."

Enough of all this natter, though, all you want is to see a photo of the rings, right?
Well, I'll keep our wedding bands secret until we are actually wearing them, but here's a look at my engagement ring...

(the hairy hand under mine is U's,
nice nails but what HAIRY knuckles the man has!)


  1. It's not a South African diamond?

    Oh, all right, that's OK. :D

    Beautiful simple design. You wouldn't have to take it off while making melktert. :)

    1. U took it off my finger last night when we got home - to keep it safe apparently. I tried to convince him I was supposed to wear it all the time, but nothing worked until I announced that no ring meant I was not engaged so I was going to go and see if I could pick up some young ikemen hanging round the station. Suddenly I had a ring on my finger again and nobody stopped me from wearing it to bed! ;)

      So no, it will not come off for melktert - which by the way U has requested for Thanksgiving! He's a fan!

  2. It's lovely, maybe I think so because it's pretty much the same as mine ;)

    I remember that desire to want to where my ring, and wear it all the time...I don't think I've had it on in two years. Hubby hasn't worn his wedding band since the day we were married...what a waste of money. I am poking forward to seeing yours though.

    Please accept my apologies...I never knew Canada had diamonds.

    1. Good minds think alike?

      (I must admit I read your comment at least a half dozen times wondering if "poking forward" was some odd southern hemisphere saying that I had never heard... until it dawned on me it was probably an autocorrect of "looking" heh hehe...)

      Canada isn't a huge producer of diamonds, but they tend to be fairly high quality apparently. And ethically mined, which was the first reason for my interest.

  3. It's beautiful! And a very good size for wearing all the time (in case U needs more persuasion!). My sister in law has a gorgeous engagement ring, but can't wear it all the time, sadly. She just wears her wedding ring.

    1. Thank you! After the first initial few days U has come around. He will now inspect my ring occasionally when he comes home at the end of the day, and will play with it on my finger when holding my hand.

      It is the perfect size, and it catching on things or just not being everyday wear was one of the things I was worried about/kept in mind when we were choosing the rings. I love our wedding rings, but I prefer my engagement ring as it has the Canadian diamond we worked so hard to get!