Monday, 10 June 2013

Splash of Blue

More knitting, more pictures of knitting draped over colour-coordinating greenery in our garden. I'm really lucky with the colour-coordinating part as the hydrangea is juuust starting to bloom and it is the only thing that will be blue the entire year. Does this mean I have to spend the next few months knitting green before moving to brown and grey next winter?

This narrow decorative scarf/tie, turned out to be a super quick knit and I am hoping that the coworker for whom it is intended, who waited with anticipation for the red shawl to be finished and given to another coworker, will be surprised and pleased. She often wears silk scarves and pulls it off with a flair I've never been able to match.

She impresses me for far more than her ability to accessorize with silk, however, as she has successfully managed both family and career, something not so common among her generation in Japan. She had a home-based personal consulting type business on the side when her children were young, gradually working on more contracts as they got older and she could spare more time. Once they were in university (but not out of the house, of course!) she found herself a job outside of the home and has continued to acquire new skills and embrace new technologies as she goes.  Truly impressive and somebody I hope to be able to emulate!


  1. The scarf and hydrangea look so beautiful together that I'd want to add an old-fashioned hydrangea corsage to this scarf every time I wore it. ^^

    PS: Pink scarf for lotus season.

    1. Ooops! Sorry! I didn't realize I hadn't replied to your comment!

      A hydrangea corsage would look gorgeous on this scarf, or on the white blouse my coworker wears with it.

      PS - are you going to spot me so I can safely wade into the pond to take lotus flower and knitting photos without getting the knitting soaked?!