Thursday, 2 February 2012

Things I Love Thursday

- ham and real Dutch Gouda cheese sandwiches on homemade grainy seedy bread
- joking with my coworkers
- building friendly international professional contacts
- chocolate covered raspberries
- walks in the park on sunny cold days


  1. Yum Gouda!! did your dad bring you some? I remember buying a 5kgish ballon our way home from Italy...real cheese made my holiday all the better!!

    ...and were the raspberries freeze dried? Love them too :)

  2. The gouda was brought by the friend who was staying last week - she's Japanese but lives in the Netherlands. So it is real Dutch gouda!!

    And the chocolate covered raspberries were in my stocking. I'm not sure how they lasted unopened this long but they sure didn't last long once the were opened!