Thursday, 19 January 2012

Things I love Thursday

- electric blanket in our unheated bedroom
- making plans for the coming year
- feeling needed
- homemade gooey chocolate cake
- hearing my coworker talk about becoming a father
- knitting baby gifts!


  1. I have an electric blanket too, Mr Happy!! He goes to bed in his bed and then some time before 11pm makes his way to my bed. It's very thoughtful of him as he warms my bed and I put him back in his then cold bed!!

    gooey chocolate cake? recipe?

    Word Verification- sphorts
    Are they the shorts you wear when playing sports??

  2. Nice little hot water bottle you have! Very convenient! Especially since our bedroom has no heat warming up the bed (and then turning it off when we go to bed) is wonderful!!

    I wish I had a recipe for you on the "cake" - it was sort of based on something we saw on tv a few days ago where they made a gooey chocolate cake in the rice maker. I mixed up pancake mix with lots of cocoa and a bit of sugar, added oil and then enough skim milk to make it really runny and poured it into my microwave steam case thingy. I sprinkled it with Meiji dark chocolate baking bits (they sank to the bottom) and zapped it in theicrowave for a bit. It was moist and gooey and had a bit of melted chocolate in every bite. I wasn't sure it would work so only made a small amount but U and I devoured it straight from the steam case... Yum!! I'll try it again today or tomorrow and see if I can get some sort of rough measurements!

  3. They all sound great to me... well except for the idea of an electric blanket in our heat right now :)

    Good luck with the plans for this year!

  4. We have heat, but we still need an electric blanket to make the bed hospitable for sleeping! Such is life on -15C winter days... I thought of you at dinnertime today - hope you enjoyed a yummy Chinese meal to celebrate the Lunar New Year!
    love and hugs, Cath

  5. Melanie - you've got some exciting plans yourself for the year, good luck to you too!

    Cath - Get an electric blanket. GET AN ELECTRIC BLANELT!! Or two. Seriously good. We turn it on before bed and by the time we sleep it is warm and toasty and so lovely to curl up in! I wasn't sure I'd like it, and I hate having it on when I'm falling asleep, but to warm up the bed...