Friday, 12 February 2010

Things I love Thursday

Because it is still Thursday here I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon this week... here goes!

Things I love this Thursday:

- The fact that the three weeks I could take off between everything else happened to correspond with the Winter Olympics.
- The fact that my dad is in the process of moving back into the house I grew up in in Vancouver.
- Sleeping in my old bedroom after nearly 15 years and discovering that the view of the night sky from my bedside window hasn't changed although the trees have grown beyond belief.
- Discovering that our old favourite brick oven pizzeria is not only still open, and offers non-tomato pizzas, but that it also has a delicious roast lamb special.
- Artichoke and asiago dip, pita chips, goat cheese, spinach and feta pizza, Montreal-style bagels...
- Seeing Vancouver - buildings, people, storefronts, cars... decked out in Canadian flags.
- Seeing the torch relay - my favourite (retired) hockey player passed off just before the torch entered the Indo-Canadian neighbourhood, which was full of sari stores with gorgeous red and white window displays displays and blaring Bollywood tunes.
- Seeing my favourite hockey player!!!! (chatting briefly with his brother but not managing to get a decent photograph)
- Watching hockey on TV with my dad.
- Walking into a clothing store and instead of discovering all the clothing was way too small, being told the jeans I was about to try on were definitely too big for me and that because I was "lean" I should go down at least a size if not two.
- Toothpaste boxes with scratch and sniff stickers - that actually smell like the toothpaste they contain.


  1. Love the shopping experience!!! I am sure there are many of us here that would love to have that experience!!

    Scratch & sniff stickers-what a novel idea, I remember them from school. (I have 3 scratch & sniff childrens books too)

    Have a great break

  2. Achan - it took me a good hour of wandering around looking at windows before I ventured up the courage to actually go into stores and look at clothes. Shopping in Japan does that to me. But then finding that I fit into mediums here, and that more and more stores are stocking long lengths in pants... And then to be called "lean!" I left the store with such a big grin (I am fairly sure the sales woman didn't have an ulterior motive, but I would have bought just about anything from her at that point!!)

  3. Ooh, it sounds so nice! I've always wanted to visit Vancouver and it must be such an exciting time to be there at the moment. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and that you can stock up on lots of things to keep you going when you get back!

  4. Umebossy - Come visit sometime! Vancouver is a beautiful city! Mountains, water, green... oh, and lots of rain ;) It has been a few years since I've spent any amount of time here and I had forgotten how much I love this city.