Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Just Another Manic... Wednesday?!

Lots going on but can't seem to actually put it into coherent sentences... perhaps trying to get more than four hours of sleep a night on a regular basis would help?

1 ) Final final final preparations are underway at the museum for the special exhibit that opens to much fanfare on Saturday. I've been involved with planning and translation for the exhibition, but not the actual layout so I have little clue as to what it will actually look like and am rather excited. We have a full day of festivities planned for invited guests on the day of opening, particularly meetings with a large number of museum professionals and experts from around Japan as well as the US, Europe, and China. These are aimed to get feedback on the exhibit but also to provide the first step in the process of redoing our regular exhibition. I'm particularly excited as professional simultaneous translation has been hired (for both English and Chinese) so I can actually enjoy listening to the discussions!

2) Ever since I moved into my apartment in the fall I've been jokingly complaining to friends that I could hear the snores of one of my neighbours. Nobody believed me. Over the past few days two different people have not only believed me, but said they could too! (one said it had been a major reason for her decision to move!) I feel vindicated and somewhat relieved to know that I'm not just imagining things.

3) I am guiltily relieved by the frequency of classes being cancelled. It has seemed that just about every week one of my classes is cancelled - often because the professor has other committments that take precedence - like university administrative meetings. Yup. Apparently administrative meetings trump classes, I think that tells you just about everything you need to know about universities in Japan!

4) Four. Yes, four. That is about how much sleep I've had both of the past nights. I'm working on a presentation on non-profit organizational law in the US, to which I'm adding the comparison of Canada. The text is in Japanese and I'm quite convinced that if it were in English it wouldn't make much more sense. If I was ever in any doubt, neither economics nor law are fields my brain seems capable of comprehending (at least when said subjects overlap and are in Japanese and my brain is sleep-deprived).

5) With the rainy season just around the corner fears over the new flu epidemic seem to be disappearing here. This hasn't stopped the museum from putting bottles of hand sanitizer at both the staff and pubic entrances to the building. All those entering the museum are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer so as to stop the spread of the disease.

6) Any suggestions for uses of eggs that don't require an oven? My mind isn't going much beyond omeletes, scrambled, and Japanese rolled egg. Although a friend did suggest doing soft boiled eggs for and adding them to a salad. Any and all suggestions are welcome as I have 14 eggs sitting in the fridge - leftovers from a brunch party at my place this past weekend (we had pancakes but never got around to making the scrambled eggs).

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