Friday, 6 March 2009

Leafy Greens

After being given nice blocking wires for Christmas, and having worked on a number bigger projects, I was ready for some lace. I had found some beautiful silk yarn at a small shop in Tokyo - various greens and very natural looking - and decided it was perfect for a certain friend, so all I was left to do was pick out an appropriately natural pattern for a small scarf. The leaves of this basic pattern seemed simple while still being elegant. Since lace knitting is more finicky I didn't find this the greatest project for working on during my (short) commute, and it took longer than I had hoped. But, if I do say so myself, the end result was worth it.

The recipient was suitably thrilled. I was a bit worried, as she can be rather picky, but I was pretty sure I had chosen yarn and a pattern that would both suit her and be to her tastes. This friend isn't just a friend either, she works in the curatorial program office at my university - she is my supervisor for my TA duties, secretary to both of my professors, and does the other million things that keep our corner of the university running smoothly. She is incredibly talented, patient, and calm. She never complains about all the random questions I ask her, and there isn't much that gets her upset, but I tease her that when she does get upset... loooook out! Incongruously, perhaps, with her often mild manners, she has a great sense of sarcasm and a rather bitingly sharp wit.

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