Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Welcome Tadanobu

Of my year in India one of the best things was the people I met. This included Indian people in the local community, the visitors from around the world who attended the events we ran at Sangam, and, especially, my coworkers. Working with an international team has its challenges - differing work styles and language barriers can cause stress, which is compounded when you also live together and probably spend most of your free time together too! But it can also be incredibly rewarding. We may have different backgrounds and different futures, but for a short period of time we lived and worked together and because of that we share something very special. That is why I was upset not to be able to be there when two of my coworkers each got married this summer. I am, however, really looking forward to going to western Japan sometime soon to meet the newest member of the Sangam family!

Meet Tadanobu.

He was rather late, but he and his mom are both doing well.

He's adorable... I'm smitten!

When I was a baby I was given a pink baby blanket by the friend of my grandmother. It has gotten rather ratty, and been patched a few times, but I still have my baby blanket. The woman who gave it to me became immortalized as "the Blanket Lady." I've now become a blanket lady myself, but this time around I wanted to do more than just buy a soft blue blanket - I wanted to give little Tadanobu a flavour of India, and I wanted to knit it myself.

So I looked through hundreds of patterns, and finally settled on two - for elephant dishcloths!

Multiple that by sixteen, add a frilly border, and voila! A baby blanket!

But I'm kinda partial to this picture... (I sent little Tadanobu some Raffi for him to enjoy when he gets a bit bigger)


  1. Very cute baby. And great to see that you completed the baby blanket - it's so beautiful! I love the frilly border and the great elephant designs. Congratulations! love, Cath

  2. What a beautiful blanket - you did a great design and the frill around the edges is lovely. What a lucky baby! Sharon

  3. I'm glad you both like the frilly border. I was really unsure about what to do with it! I had originally thought to do a picot lacy border, but as I was working on it I began to think it needed some depth and did the frill on a whim without any clue as to how it would turn out...!