Thursday, 17 July 2008

Paying Attention

When preparing for exams it is very important that you first get as much information about the format of the exam, length of time to write, etc. Finding out if the exam is open book is also a very good idea as it could change the way you prepare for the exam. Because while discovering that you are allowed to use your trusty electronic dictionary to write an exam in a foreign language is a very pleasant surprise (yay! yay!), realizing you've spent the past week preparing for said exam in the completely WRONG way is not so pleasant (aaaacccck!!)... Not that I would know this from personal experience, of course, I ALWAYS make sure I understand everything completely. I'm just... umm... offering advice... yeah... that's it... offering advice. Wouldn't, uh... want anybody else to make the same mistake. Yeah...

(banging head on desk...)

One exam down, one more and an oral presentation on my proposed thesis coming up tomorrow.


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  1. So, are you done now?! I hope you will get some relief and be able to relax soon! lots of love, Cath