Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Photos from my Cellphone

Being a full-time grad student again is proving to be a busy business. Of course, I'm not content simply taking graduate courses, as I'm also taking undergrad courses towards the Japanese curatorial certificate, TA-ing, and continuing to work one day a week at the museum. Oh, and of course I'm still doing Brownies twice a month...

Which is why I decided to jump on the Wordless Wednesday blog bandwagon and pass along some photos I've taken over the past few weeks. They were all taken on my cellphone, so aren't the greatest of photos, but they are of things that amused me, so I hope they amuse you too!


1) First is a doll for sale in the 100 yen shop (Dollar Store) down the street from me. I walked by her on the shelf and thought "hey, that looks like the CN tower... hey! A maple leaf... hey! She's supposed to be Canadian!" Maybe this is why most people in Japan seem to think that I am blonde (despite my brown hair!)

2) I was walking along when I came upon this sign. I thought to myself "huh, those look like teeth or something strange." I kept walking. Then I saw the second sign in the store and the rows of photographs on the wall behind. I kept walking as the thoughts trickled down through my mind. "Yikes! Those were teeth... with jewels?! Wha?!" I had to go back and take another look, and surriptitiously snap a photo or two.

3) This is a restaurant near the station I use daily. I have long giggled about the sign when I walk by. I have never seen many people in the cafe, however, so I guess the kick backs aren't good enough?

4) Um... so this one is a little... well... It isn't graphic, but it is... well... It is a "pee pole." Yup, the name says it all. The new school year in Japan begins with health check-ups for students. No longer do you have the bother and mess of peeing into a large and easily spill-able paper cup or a large plastic container with a screw top lid. Now there is a new option, a smaller, slimmer and easier solution. Simply slid out the inner tube, pop the top in as a handle, and position to catch the flow. But you don't need my explanation with such cute cartoon caracters! Equal representation too.

5) In case any of you were grossed out by the previous pictures, here is something to pretty to leave you with happy thoughts. My favourite study space at school is an open area between offices and classrooms. One part of the area is open to the massive skylights 10 or so flights above. Hung from the skylights are huge prisms, and the late morning light streaming through them threw beautiful rainbows all over the walls, floors and tables. With study space like this I shouldn't mind being cooped up inside!

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