Monday, 21 January 2008

Crashing Tree

I just realized that I did not take any photos of the tree on Boxing Day - with all the decorations and presents underneath (since I didn't get my bags until Christmas day I didn't wrap presents until late Christmas night, and we didn't get around to opening anything until the evening of Boxing Day). I do, however, have some amusing pictures of decorating the tree the first time, and then the aftermath of the crash... Enjoy...

We had to snip off the top of the tree so that the star would sit properly. And my father wonders where I got my ham-it-up-for-the-camera gene when I was a little girl!!!

Having almost finished decorating our tree, my father and I sat back, sipping our egg nog and admiring our work. We were trying to decide where to place the last few decorations when the tree leaned suddenly. I yelped and my dad jumped out of the chair. He was too slow, however, and I screamed as the tree crashed to the carpet and dad was left holding his hands out uselessly grabbing air. This was the scene once we had gotten the tree back standing up. Water from the stand, intact and shattered ornaments, and needles all over the carpet... Oh, and did I mention that my dad's vacuum cleaner is broken?!

Dad surveying the damage and attempting to mop up 4 litres of water with a towel. We later resorted to a hair dryer aimed at the carpet. Neither worked particularly well. Sigh...

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