Saturday, 22 September 2007


While I received unofficial word last night, this morning I got official word that I have accepted into Meiji University's graduate school! As of April 2008 I will be a masters student in the Psychology, Sociology and Education Department of Meiji University's College of Letters. I am more than a little nervous about what this means, ie the fact that I'll be taking a full load of grad courses in addition to the undergraduate curatorial certificate courses I am currently taking, and that when my tutor (and friend!) graduates in March I'll be the only grad student studying museum studies and so apparently may be the only student in some classes, oh, and of course because all the courses WILL BE IN JAPANESE!!! ) but I am also really excited about the next challenge ahead of me! The masters program is two years, with course work and a thesis (which my prof has already said I can write in English). In my thesis I am hoping to look at the services offered to foreigners by small and medium Japanese museums. Part of the research for that will, unfortunately ;) include field research of actually going to a large number of museums, such a hardship for me as I am sure you all know! ;)

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